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About Premier Caravans


We understand that every person and family is unique, which is why we want to work with you one-on-one providing a personalized service. This is why we stock and can import a large range of makes and models of UK caravans, which can vary considerably in terms of size, age, layout and price.

We regularly have stock of UK Caravans for potential buyers to view and purchase, but in addition to this, we can talk to you about tailoring a solution which meets the needs of you or your family, and look to import you something specific from the UK.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding level of customer service and want to be part of your journey into caravanning in NZ.

Reasons why you should speak to us at Premier Caravans;

+ Personalised Service – We want to give you the highest level of customer service and work with you as an individual to tailor your solution to your needs.

+ We Keep Costs Low – We run the business from our large lifestyle block and therefore do not have large overheads and do not require lots of staff. Thus, our pricing is extremely competitive and you are not paying extra for the caravan being sat on a sales yard.

+ All Weather – As the UK has a colder climate, the caravans are built for all year round comfort with double glazing, insulation and heating. This means you can still enjoy the beauty of NZ in the winter and still be cosy and comfortable inside your caravan.

+ Easier to Tow – UK vans are slightly narrower and lighter so easier than alternative vans to tow, which is great for our NZ winding roads.

+ Cleverly Constructed – The interiors of UK vans are very cleverly designed so that every nook and cranny is used and incorporated into a ‘clever’ space – whether it’s a cupboard, draw or bed! The clever design means that you can fit far more usable items into the caravan, and the kitchen’s come with everything you need too.

+ Plenty of Storage – The way that the cupboards, beds, seating, bathroom and kitchens are designed means that there is so much storage available, meaning that you do not need to travel around in, or stay in a cluttered, untidy van.

+ Toilets & Showers – All the caravans we import include a toilet, shower and sink meaning that you do not need to leave your caravan if you don’t want to. + NZ Compliant – Every caravan has a NZ electrical compliance certificate and ‘on the road’ costs included.

+ Self Containment – As an option, We can make your chosen caravan ‘self contained’ and provide the relevant Self Containment Certificate.

+ Introductory session – on takeover of the caravan, we will provide you with an introductory training session which goes through all that you need to know about the caravan to ‘set up’ and ‘take down’ when in a camping scenario.

+ Delivery Anywhere – we can deliver your caravan anywhere in NZ if you would like this as an option.

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